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Splice-locks are the most effective and convenient method for butt joining tubular railings of the same diameter. These internal expansion connectors have been engineered so that they give the perfect non-slip joint that is completely flush and virtually unnoticeable. Available in single screw or double screw type for heavy duty applications.

Their unique design enables them to be inserted into the tube without the two halves separating. Once the allen screw(s) has been tightened the splice-lock contacts the tube internally in four areas along the full length. This ensures alignment and maximum strength. Splice-locks can only be used to join the same size tubing.


Splice-locks allow easy on-site joints to be made and are ideally suited for use in many tubular constructions such as protection barriers, street furniture, handrailing, balustrading and many other fabrications. They are ideally suited to situations where aesthetics and durability are of prime importance.

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