Global Walkways is a major UK distributor of pipeclamps supplied at a competitive rate.

Global Walkway are dedicated to providing a cost effective and durable method of building tubular structures using the extremely versatile range of key clamp fittings.

Pipeclamp fittings are used in the construction of handrails, railings, racking, safety barriers, permanent or temporary structures and many more applications. No pre-fabrication, welding or threading is required - everything can be built and assembled on site the only tool required is an allen key!!

Pipeclamp fittings are a blackheart malleable casting and are manufactured to BS EN 1562 1997 for the strength requirements. Pipeclamp fittings are hot dip galvanised to BS EN 1461 1999. Pipeclamp fittings are supplied with electro plated case hardened grubscrews.

Selecting a pipeclamp fitting is very simple.

Using the information in the brochure (see download below) select the fitting to suit the task required, select the size of tube that is suitable then combine the two reference numbers. ie. A short inline tee using 42.4mm tube = 101-3

Whilst the information and guidelines in the brochure are given as a guidance, the ultimate responsibility for selecting the correct fitting and size for any application belongs to the customer. The customer must also ensure that any structure or construction is of sufficient strength to support the weight of the Pipeclamp fittings and tube as well as any applied load.


The standard finish of Pipeclamp fittings is hot dipped galvanised. Pipeclamp fittings can also be supplied polyester powder coated in a range of RAL or BS colours. The polyester powder coating is applied over the galvanised finish.

Full technical support and assistance is available upon request.