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Global Walkway offer an extensive range of Pressure Locked Gratings. Widely used in many industries such as; offshore and petrochemical plants, factory mezzanines, platforms, walkways, building facades, covers and celings. Pressure Locked Gratings are particularly suited to architectural applications.

Gratings are produced as follows; under high pressure, unweakened cross bars are pressed into bearing bars that are shaped and conically slotted. The high pressure and the slit production of the bearing bars guarantee a firm, torsion rigid grating structure.


Pressure Locked Gratings are used in a wide range of industries for many applications such as; Mezzanines, Walkways, Platforms, Staircases, Ramps, Fencing but are particularly well suited to architectural applications like facade gratings, ceiling patterns or convector covers where aesthetic appeal is of great importance.

Key Product Advantages

The unique design and manufacturing process produces torsion rigid gratings of high stability, maximum strength and optimal load distribution. The open steel appertures provide excellent drainage and high slip resistance. The top surface of the load bars can be supplied with a serrated finish to give excellent slip resistance. But in addition the cross bars can also be supplied with a serrated finish to give 'double serration' and an incomparable high level of slip resistance. Minimal maintenance and low installation costs make it very cost efficient.


Available in various depths, thicknesses, appertures and with plain or serrated top surface. Materials available are Mild Steel Self Colour, Galvanised or Stainless Steel in various grades. Grating comes in 3 metre x 1 metre panels as standard or alternatively we can cut and fabricate to your specification for immediate installation.

Our technical staff are available to discuss your project or applications with you.