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Global Walkway offer Pultruded GRP Structural Shapes that enable the design and fabrication of large and complex building structures to be completed quickly and economically. Pultruded GRP structural shapes are made from densely packed continuous fibreglass that is wrapped by a layer of polyester resins. The dense core makes the structural shapes very strong, and their absolute values of vertical and impact strength higher than those of common steels. The use of the fibreglass outer layer increases the transversal strength so they are resistant to corrosion and cracks.


From a simple staircase or mezzanine floor, to multi-level walkways and access platforms they can be used in a wide range of industries such as chemical plants, food and beverage factories, water and waste water facilities.

Key Product Advantages

Corrosion and Chemical resistant - Will not rust or corrode unlike metal or wood.

Low Maintenance - Easy to clean and never needs painting.

Safety - Non-conductive and non magnetic make it safe in hazardous electrical areas.

Lightweight - Allows easy handling and installation.

Strong and Durable - High strength to weight ratio and long life span.

Impact resistant - More impact resistant than metal.

Weatherproof - No need to worry about rust and also U.V. resistant.

Economic - Minimal maintenance and low installation costs make it very cost efficient.


Available in 6 metre standard lengths or alternatively we can cut to your specification for immediate installation.